Friday, April 16, 2010

Number Eleven

Sunday was a big day for our family.
No, we didn’t change churches (though our ward did temporarily move to another building).
But it was a celebration for a BIRTHDAY!!

Tanner Emmett Whitmer
(Here's the Little cutie)

You may not recognize the name, but he is the newest arrival to our expanding family.
He is the son of Kevin and Jenny and was born about 12:30 PM Sunday (only 23 days early)

Because of his early arrival, he needed to stay a little longer in the hospital (lungs are the last thing to complete their growth in newborns) but he should be home this weekend.
Jenny sent a picture to everyone but me so I will find one on my camera (when I get home) and post it here.
That makes 11 grandchildren.  Whooppeeee!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Surprise Concert

Just a short entry today (unless I get more time later) so I wanted to mention something I forgot last week.


As Josh and I were driving home from Green River, we passed the E-Center off I-215.

The marquee was flashing something about a concert and I mentioned something about it.  Josh said he and Heather were going and wasn’t it too bad Mom and I couldn’t go.  I thought that was nice but gave it no more consideration.


The next Monday, Teresa mentioned that we were busy on Wednesday and I thought she meant we were going to the Temple (sealing session ever 2nd Wed.).  I said we weren’t scheduled for another week and she indicated that I was still busy.  After some gentle pushing (OK, maybe not so gentle) she confessed we were also going to a concert on Wed night. 


Guess Who was performing???


michael buble

Yes, it was Michael Buble’!!


Now, I’m not one of those people who generally gets real excited about performers but I do enjoy the variety that Buble’ offers.  And after witnessing his concert, I can say that he truly is an entertaining performer. 

If you have the chance, spend a few shekels and go see a very well done concert by a young man who knows how to croon with the best of them.  You won’t be disappointed.