Monday, July 26, 2010

Out With The Old

When I first became a Seminary Teacher I thought it would be a good idea to replace my scriptures every four years.  The idea was that if I had to relearn where everything was, it would improve my teaching and keep me sharp.

A large print quad in brown was my first set for teaching.
Tried to use this compact version of the quad but they printed the letters too small for my eyes. Silly Deseret Press!

Before my 5th year of teaching I received a new set of scriptures for Christmas and decided it was time to be brave and make the change.  I became very comfortable with this set and became very proficient at finding anything I wanted to share with very little effort.  The fact that I was still trying to figure things out made the transition somewhat easier.

image image
These were the Christmas gift 1999 and I loved them (mine weren’t indexed like these).

Fast forward four more years and we have a different situation. 
When it came time to “mothball” the black set…
I chickened out because there was so much time and effort invested in the markings and references.  I mean, there were hundreds of quotes glued in the pages and notes written in the margins and it made no sense to give all those things up when they were so useful in the classroom. 
No matter that the pages were beginning to look worn and the spine of the Bible was coming apart.  These were like a comfortable pair of shoes   and I loved them.
Think no ill of my using duct tape to preserve the integrity of the word of God.  I once was at a meeting and noticed the speaker, one of our leaders, had used the same method to hold onto his standard works.
IMG_0386 IMG_0387
The use of post-it notes has become common in my scriptures.  That way, if I find I have misinterpreted something, I can remove it as easily from my scriptures as I do from my mind.

But after 11 years, it is time to make a change.  Not just because it will help me be a better teacher BUT because the old books are really looking hammered.  And I can’t be afraid of making this change.  Besides, maybe I will be forced to teach something in a better way because I can’t remember (a different problem I will chat about on another day) how I did it before.  NO, it is time!!!  The die are cast and the deed is done! 

This is a burgundy Quad.  I know it looks like the brown but they are really different.  In fact, I don’t know if they even make the brown version anymore.

So, thanks to one of my counselors, there will be a new book (containing four books) on my podium this next school year.  I’m sure there will be struggles but I will persevere and come out the champion…or I will run, screaming from the room whenever I can’t find something. Ask me later how it is going.

BTW, my thought has always been that I will bequeath my old volumes to any of my children who might be interested in them.  Kinda like a scripture journal….but not!!!  Now that I am at that point, I’m not so sure any of them really want to have these beat up books in their possession.  What say ye, O children of mine?


Brian Whitmer said...

I meant to comment forever ago and never did... what a lame-o. I'm interested.

Josh Whitmer said...

Me too, I'd take a set.