Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Scouts and Mountains

Last week I spent 6 days in the mountains with the Boy Scouts at their annual summer camp.  I enjoy camping but over the years I have had to adjust some of my gear to accommodate my ever changing physique.  No longer can I sleep directly on the ground and function the next day…there must be some sort of pad to protect my fragile form.
If you look carefully…..ahead and right, on the bottom bunk……. you will see blankets on top of an air mattress.  What you can’t see is the foam pad on top of the mattress to add comfort to my resting place.  You also can’t see the ear plugs I wore every night so I didn’t have to listen to the snoring of the whole gang.  They CLAIM that I snore but there is no proof.

My role on this campout was to serve as the Chief Cook for the troop.  This is a serious role because an army that doesn’t eat well cannot function well in their merit badge challenges!!!
Many think peanut-butter sandwiches aren’t much of an effort for a gourmet cook like me but those babies were made with special care and craftsmanship.  And the kids actually ate them!!!
Young men are made at these events.  And sometimes older men learn about themselves and their limitations.  The next photo is of our Scoutmaster who had just given a lecture about knife safety and then proceeded to demonstrate the negative. 
The cut went deep into the meat of the hand but is healing up quite nicely.

Camping in the Uintah’s can be an adventure when it comes to weather.  One minute it is beautiful and clear and the next………..Pea sized HAIL!!
(Notice it is the same hand?!!  And no, he didn’t get infection, despite his best efforts.)

Everyone had a great time and the boys came away with 61 merit badges (9 boys).  Here are a few random pictures to give a feel for the week.
105 107
Adirondacks instead of tents            Three boys canoeing                  Same three boys sinking
013                   125
2nd knife incident                        Boys seem to have a fascination with latrines!!??#&#%#^

057              058
I told the scouts of my experience catching animals when I was their age.  No one believed me (not even the adults) so I set up a trap to catch a chipmunk… a Nutcracker (bird) got careless and became my prize instead. 
Now they believe me!!!

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