Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dad’s Creed

I know it’s late but I have been pondering this subject for a few weeks and finally got around to writing.  Forgive my tardiness but not the message.

For the past 33 years I have had the privilege to wear a title that has become a defining tag for who and what I truly want to be.

Temporary picture place 294

Matt and Hayden wrestling with Grandpa

My little boy mind was constantly intrigued by the duties of a Dad (where does he go all day, how come he never has to do the dishes, where does he buy more kids?).  Admiration for my own Father was such that as the years passed (except for a few in the teens when my intelligence was…??? well, you know) there was a hope that my experiences would be similar to his.

Temporary picture place 183

Missy & Josh with a few vagrants from the street


Thirty plus years later I have a perspective that is unlike the wildest dreams of youth (which in the 60’s and 70’s could be pretty wild).   But the defining lesson of fatherhood came in the heat of a difficult time.

Temporary picture place 241 

Becca and Katie in the park

When one of our children was struggling with life and it seemed there was no hope for parental success, an idea came to my mind.

Temporary picture place 249

Ellie meeting a chocolate cupcake


Temporary picture place 250

Logan consuming the cousin of Ellie’s cupcake

(Don’t you love the boots?)


There is never the option to give up, but the heart had become tired and weary and the mind was on the verge of ejecting all hope into the void of despair.


Temporary picture place 300

Little Emma and her Momma



And---the thought came to my mind that has buoyed me up and given me strength through five children and 12 (so far) grandchildren.  This was a true revelation; one that was accompanied by the comfort of the Holy Ghost and filled with the love of a kind and gentle Father.



Temporary picture place 188

Hayden digging in the ‘dirt’



The words formed in my mind and have come back, again and again, as a confirmation of my duty in fatherhood and an assurance that there will be help along the way.  The message was:


Temporary picture place 170 Temporary picture place 105

Parker really loves his food??!!!             Aubrey skating on her b-day.


You cannot give up on this child!! 

Temporary picture place 259 Temporary picture place 285

Katie learns to drive                              A young Pele' wannabe?  No, Bryce!



Because I have never given up on you.


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That is the essence of a Dad. 

At least, that is the essence of MY DADS!!!


Melissa DeMoux said...

Yeah Dad!! We're glad to have you as the patriarch of our ever expanding Whitmer clan. Thanks for not giving up on us.

Josh, Heather, and Matthew said...

That was a really beautiful post. We sure love all our family and our wonderful dad.