Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Wonderful Dozen

Misery is a meeting that goes on too long but you can’t escape.

I am in misery RIGHT NOW!!!

There is an HR guy here and he is droning on about…..well, I’m not sure because I am typing this blog entry.  But it isn’t very interesting.

Here’s something that IS fun and delightful.

Temporary picture place 300 

Introducing Emma Claire Whitmer

Daughter of Heather and Josh Whitmer

Grandchild #12


Teresa and Mike Whitmer

Vital Stats:

6 lb. 13 oz.  19 in. long

Heather seems to be recovering well and Josh is very proud of his new little lady.

Matt hasn’t really given an opinion as yet. :-)

Temporary picture place 302

The clan continues to grow and we are so proud (pleased if you listen to Pres Benson) with the fine people the Lord has sent to be with us. 


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