Monday, April 15, 2013


Our grandson, Matt, had a birthday last week (number 5) and his mother asked him what kind of activities he would like to have at his party.  Most boys might say “let’s shoot hoops’” or “I want to go swimming.” But Matt is not most boys -- he told his mom that he wanted to do science experiments.

Everyone put on your safety glasses!

And Heather was delirious!!!

You see, she is a big science geek and loves to talk about molecules and atoms and diseases and stuff (after all, She does have a degree in microbiology)

So, here are some pictures of the kids doing their “experiments” for the party.

More girls than boys

#1 – The professor took her Erlenmeyer Flask (she was so excited to get one – I had no idea what she was talking about) and put some flame in the bottom.  Then she set a boiled egg on the mouth and waited while the atmospheric pressure changed and sucked in the egg (we used to do the same with milk bottles… not in existence anymore).  The kids were pretty startled—partly because of the popping sound and partly because half the egg stayed out of the flask.

All in awe of science

#2 – Heather put vinegar in the bottom of a bottle and then attached a balloon with bicarbonate of soda inside. (I chuckled when Heather began explaining to the youngsters the difference between an acid and a base and how when they are mixed a reaction occurs which creates a new gas… they all had this blank look but nodded OK).  The kids lifted up the balloon and were amazed when it began to fill with the carbon dioxide.

Some of the materials

#3 – Using Elmer’s glue, a concoction called GAK was made from water, glue and borax.  It was slimy but malleable – sort of like PlayDoh but smooth.

Everyone got their own pair of safety glasses and no one got hurt (nor did any of the objects used).

I was kinda jealous of the whole day, wondering why my mom never gave me a party like that.  My brothers and I had to figure all these things out while no one was home – and sometimes the results were not nearly so pleasant. (I was going to share a few but I don’t want to be responsible for what might happen to other people’s homes if their kids try what we tried.  Just know that many involved fire and some flammable liquid.)

Matt was ecstatic and will probably want more – should be interesting at that Whitmer house in the next few years.

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Josh and Heather said...

I am proud to be a science geek. It was soooo much fun for me to teach science to some eager little minds. Thanks for taking some great photos of the day.