Wednesday, April 24, 2013


When I wrote my blog about Melissa yesterday I didn’t pay attention to the date (as I get older those things have less importance).  It so happens that today – one day after commiserating about my only daughter – we celebrate the birth of our eldest son.  What better day to remember a little about the wonderful young man that our Josh was and has become.

As the first male child, Josh took the brunt of my ‘practice’ in learning to raise boys.  Of course, we played a lot of ball (he loved anything round) and did many ‘boy’ things but he also had to endure some of my own growing up – including some unreasonable expectations.  I am forever grateful that he was patient enough to realize that dad wasn’t perfect but could still be a fun addition to life.

In many ways, fathers live through their sons.  Not necessarily in terms of getting them to do what they couldn’t but more in hoping that they will be better.  In this desire, I was most pleasantly rewarded.  Josh is many things I could never be and has conquered spectacular mountains in his thirty-three years.  Today he continues to be amazing and it is with pride (unrighteous or righteous, you pick) that I call him my son. 

And like his sister, Josh has chosen well in a mate.  Heather complements our boy in so many ways – it’s almost like we got to choose her ourselves (you know, that old arranged marriage thing).  Together they have created a family that makes us happy and gives us great hope for the future of the world and our family in particular.

Maybe it’s because I am male, but when Josh left home, there was much less angst in our home and for me personally.  I suppose part of the reason is because I know how his circumstances feel (and I didn’t for Melissa).  But I also think that there is a protective nature with girls that isn’t as prevalent with boys.  But the love is just as abundant and I will forever be grateful for the fine son who came to lead the boys of our family in righteousness.

Happy Birthday Josh – from your loving father and mother.

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