Monday, May 6, 2013


Last week my beautiful wife and I took a trip to California to visit her sister’s family.  They had a daughter going on a mission and we wanted to be there to wish her well.

It’s a long drive to Turlock, CA, but we had things planned out very well and budgeted to the penny (Teresa’s good that way).  Our first stop was to be in Winnemucca, NV but we got there early and decided to go one more town before we stopped.

If you have been to Lovelock, NV you will never forget the experience.  A small town with little to offer, they pride themselves on being the love capital of Nevada (or something like that)

There was only one motel that was open (several were boarded up) so we took a room and …………… welllllllllll, it was interesting.  Not the best accommodations – and the proprietor kept asking if there was anything he could get us.  I was afraid to ask what he had to offer because he looked like one of those guys from the scary banjo music movie – can’t remember the name cause I’ve never seen it (ETA:Just remembered – Deliverance).

When it was time to retire for the night the following conversation ensued:

        Teresa: Would you go get the suitcase for us?
       Mike: Sure thing sweety?
Mike: (returning a few moments later) Where did you pack the suitcase?
       Teresa: I didn’t pack it, that’s your job.
Mike: Well, I had everything laid out on our bed, but I thought you were going to get it.
Teresa: I never take the suitcase out – I can’t get it down the stairs.
Mike: Oh, right, I knew that.  I think I messed up.
       Teresa: Are you saying we have no clothes or stuff?
       Mike: YEP!!

In another lifetime there would have been much abuse heaped upon me by me for making such a dumb move.   Time and experience have allowed me to take things like this in stride and find the humor in the events.  And Teresa was VERY forgiving!!!  We had a good laugh and chalked it up to experiences we will always remember.  It was hilarious except it totally ruined the budget. 

The trip was memorable and the company was grand (I love travelling with my favorite girl) so I hope we get to do it again real soon – without the forgotten baggage.

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