Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Recently, our good friend Mitt Romney was the commencement speaker at Southern Virginia University.  His message, addressed to young people preparing to enter the world, was one of hope and counsel for the things they should do to make their lives exceptional.  Not surprisingly, many people of a more worldly persuasion took umbrage at his remarks.

The biggest stink came from advice he gave concerning marriage and the benefits therein.  And wouldn’t you know it; the strongest complaint came when Mitt had the audacity to encourage the graduates to not put off marriage while they pursued other activities of life (see here, here, and here and be sure to read comments at each).

(Sarcasm alert)It is, after all, much more responsible to seek after the pleasures of life while young and they settle down and begin to consider the more ‘adult’ activities that might be available – including creating a family. (Sarcasm complete)

Way back in 1999 the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued a proclamation concerning the family that has become one of the hallmarks of our religion.  A person who reads this document has no difficulty understanding what the Church believes when it comes to family and the relationships that are part of that great institution.  Those who follow the teachings of this document are promised peace, happiness and the power to overcome the evils of the world – pretty exceptional promises for such a simple message.

Mitt Romney, speaking to like-minded folks, outlined what he has found to be true because he has practiced the principles taught in the proclamation.  I agree with him because they have worked for me.  Those who disagree generally have no frame of reference to know whether or not the teachings work because they have chosen another path.  They are not necessarily bad people but they ARE people who do not understand because they have not tested the methods.  I think Jesus said it this way:

“If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.” John 7:17

Pretty simple, actually!!  If you don’t understand or believe what is said, try it and look at the results.  The promise is made throughout the scriptures and has been one of the ways mankind has learned the truths of God and Christ.

I applaud Brother Romney for being frank and honest with young people who are still seeking after what they want to do in life.  Imagine how our country might be different if there was someone at the head who looked at more than the polls to determine what was right or wrong.  Kinda makes you think doesn’t it!!

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