Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Testimony vs. Conversion

LDS Conference Center

We just finished another conference weekend and I am stoked about some of the messages.  I know, I always get excited but this time I REALLY MEAN IT!!!

There’s this really cool Apostle named David A. Bednar and whenever he speaks I sit up and take notice.  We shouldn't have favorites but his messages always seem to strike a chord in my heart (sort of like when Neal A. Maxwell was with us…only different). 

Elder Neal A. Maxwell

Elder David A. Bednar

Elder Bednar’s message was about the difference between having a testimony and being converted.  There are many people in the church and in the world who have a testimony about basic (and deeper) doctrines but who are not converted for one reason or another.  They know principles and doctrines are true because the Holy Ghost has witnessed to them but their lives are not in conformity with the truths they know. 

Peter was part of the focus of this talk
It seems such a silly thing because we lose so much when we know one thing and do another but isn't that how our lives go!!  I suppose the reason we are here for this experience is to see how much we are willing to obey before we are taken back to Father. 

I have pondered this circumstance in my own life and find that there really are things that I know are true but I just haven’t gotten around to living them yet.  But I have also noticed that each passing year adds a little more to my ‘obedience cup’ and I am much different than I was in my younger days.  I take hope in that process because it is the way God looks at each of us – He isn't expecting perfection today but He is expecting BETTER each day.
I commend to you the entire message linked above so you can see how Elder Bednar’s message might affect you.  I hope you will see the truth and let the Spirit help you become what you really want to be.

I suspect that as I study more of the talks I will comment again, so get ready.  See you next time.

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Melissa DeMoux said...

I'm not convinced it is wrong to have favorite speakers. Doesn't it make sense that we relate better to some people or their way of teaching than we do to others? I don't think that means we should ignore everyone else, but I think we all have people we relate to better than others. Also, I loved conference too. I particularly enjoyed Elder Holland and Elder Eyring. Hooray for conference weekend.