Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Those Little Puppies

Scary looking and not very nice!!

In my mind, feet are the ugliest part of the human body (on the outside -- there's lots inside that is disgusting).  Maybe it’s because they are so overworked and trodden upon (bad humor), but they just aren't very attractive. 

(My grandson, Logan, says when he makes people he will get rid of noses but I sort of like the personality they give to the face).

Aren't those nasty looking?
Why do women torture themselves with these things?

Maybe that’s why my feet hurt all the time.  Them little ‘puppies’ realize they just can’t compete with hair or eyes so they make you remember them by hurting all the time. 

Once in a while they will lay off a bit if you get a really comfy pair of shoes but as soon as you switch to the dress variety, back comes the misery.  And since I teach in a suit and go to church in a suit, dress shoes are what I wear most.

For years I have been searching for something that will satisfy the vanity of those dastardly appendages at the end of my legs and seldom have I been successful.  Usually it’s a case of “anything that looks good is uncomfortable and anything that is comfortable is really ugly” (like the feet they are on).  

But maybe there is hope in sight.

I have a friend who is also a teacher and is on his feet a lot.  He, too, feels the wrath of his ‘foot bones’ and has looked high and low for relief.  According to him, this is the solution to all my troubles:

The thought of wearing ‘clogs’ grates on my manhood (sort of like guys who played soccer in high school – you know, it was a ‘girls’ sport) but desperation works on us until we either give in or die from pride. 

I believe I will try a pair of these for my Temple work and see how they feel.  If there is a big difference, THEN I might give them a try at school.  My reasoning is that in the Temple I will be able to sit and rest if things get too bad but I can’t always do that in class. 

Besides, people in the Temple won’t laugh at me for wearing clogs.

Anyone with experience in this type of footwear can share their feelings and ideas --- please!!!

I’ll let you know how things go.

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