Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fishing and “Evil Mormons”

brown trout

Had a great fishing trip with Josh last weekend. 

The Green River was in perfect condition (though the weather was just a BIT windy) and the fish were fat and feisty. 

Neither of us took a camera (Josh because he was afraid I would drop his in the water, again!!---me because I forgot) so there aren’t any pictures (but one fish looks pretty much like another and you really don’t want to see what we look like when we are fishing and haven’t bathed for a few days).

Note: huge subject change coming…beware!!!

There has been an idea working around in my head for several years that I hope to get out (of my head) very soon.  It’s a little self-serving because it addresses something that has bugged me for a long time.

OK, I will give you a little hint.  I’m going to call it (at least for now) something like “What Makes Mormons Really Evil”.

The intent is to offer a sarcastic message (something I have become quite good at in my life)  to all those folks who keep finding fault with what the leaders and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints do with their lives.

After all, aren’t we the abominations that will bring down Christianity as it has been known for many hundreds of years?

Hopefully, this will be a funny but informative treatise that can be used to say, we really aren’t that bad as a people…even if you don’t like the Book of Mormon.”

Watch for it in a store (or blog) near you.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kings and Memories

Ezra Taft Benson

A number of years ago (1987 to be exact) Ezra Taft Benson made the following statement:

The record of the Nephite history just prior to the Savior’s visit reveals many parallels to our own day as we anticipate the Savior’s second coming.  (Ensign, May 1987, 4)

Here is a verse I found in the book of 3rd Nephi that seems to foreshadow events of the past few months:

And they did set at defiance the law and the rights of their country; and they did covenant one with another to destroy the governor, and establish a king over the land, that the land should no more be at liberty but should be subject unto kings. (3 Nephi 6:30)

As our congress was attempting the Health Care Bill, there were some representatives in the Democratic party who were concerned about the provisions allowing government support of abortion.  These “Right to Life” members profess to believe in the sanctity of life and would not vote for a bill that gave the people the ability to stop a pregnancy while using government money for the procedure.

I applaud the convictions of these men and women and hope they will continue to apply these principles to their decisions but, in this case, they compromised themselves because of a promise made by the President.  Mr Obama assured the anti-abortion Democrats that by issuing an “Executive Order” forbidding the government to use any tax money to fund abortions the problem would be solved.

There are two things wrong with this compromise solution:

1. This “Executive Order” does not seem to do the things the President and others have said it will do.  The wording of the order is such that it would be very easy to circumvent the restrictions established by the Hyde Amendment.  It is also questionable if the President really has the authority to essentially make a “line-item” change in the bill.

2. IF Congress DOES allow the President to issue this order AND they honor it, the Congress has given the President powers that are not part of the Executive Branch.  They have, essentially, declared that the President can change any law simply by issuing an Order from his office.  That is not Presidential power, that is Kingly Power.

If you reexamine the verse of scripture at the head of this post, you will see a glaring similarity with what was happening in the days before the Savior came to the Americas.  

My point is not to create fear or to lead some to worry about the state of our nation because I am confident that if we follow the Living Prophet we will find our way through.  What I wish to encourage is a desire to be prepared for the days of challenges before the Savior comes the 2nd time.  Whatever happens in the world, if we are in the right place, we will find the peace that comes from the Holy Ghost.  As King Benjamin (a real and righteous king) taught,

But this much I can tell you, that if ye do not watch yourselves, and your thoughts, and your words, and your deeds, and observe the commandments of God, and continue in the faith of what ye have heard concerning the coming of our Lord, even unto the end of your lives, ye must perish.  And now, O man, remember, and perish not. (Mosiah 4:30)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Robbers Among Us

There was a time in my life when I was probably considered a Republican.  Not that I was a “party-line” voter, but the Republican party seemed to care about the things I cared about most, so I went their way.  But, as of late, I am finding that my political beliefs are not really covered by either of the major parties now in power.  There are some times when the Elephant gang advocates a particular ideal that meets my own personal creed and once in a while the Donkey guys support concepts I can swallow.  But over the last while I have found myself standing outside BOTH groups because the things they preach are so out of line that I can support neither.
The antics of our local and national politicians have reminded of a letter, written by a man of persuasive speech, sent to the leaders of a ancient nation:
And now it came to pass that in the sixteenth year from the coming of Christ, Lachoneus, the governor of the land, received an epistle from the leader and the governor of this band of robbers; and these were the words which were written, saying:

Lachoneus, most noble and chief governor of the land, behold, I write this epistle unto you, and do give unto you exceedingly great praise because of your firmness, and also the firmness of your people, in maintaining that which ye suppose to be your right and liberty; yea, ye do stand well, as if ye were supported by the hand of a god, in the defence of your liberty, and your property, and your country, or that which ye do call so.

And it seemeth a pity unto me, most noble Lachoneus, that ye should be so foolish and vain as to suppose that ye can stand against so many brave men who are at my command, who do now at this time stand in their arms, and do await with great anxiety for the word—Go down upon the Nephites and destroy them.

And I, knowing of their unconquerable spirit, having proved them in the field of battle, and knowing of their everlasting hatred towards you because of the many wrongs which ye have done unto them, therefore if they should come down against you they would visit you with utter destruction.

Therefore I have written this epistle, sealing it with mine own hand, feeling for your welfare, because of your firmness in that which ye believe to be right, and your noble spirit in the field of battle.

Therefore I write unto you, desiring that ye would yield up unto this my people, your cities, your lands, and your possessions, rather than that they should visit you with the sword and that destruction should come upon you.

Or in other words, yield yourselves up unto us, and unite with us and become acquainted with our secret works, and become our brethren that ye may be like unto us—not our slaves, but our brethren and partners of all our substance.

And behold, I swear unto you, if ye will do this, with an oath, ye shall not be destroyed; but if ye will not do this, I swear unto you with an oath, that on the morrow month I will command that my armies shall come down against you, and they shall not stay their hand and shall spare not, but shall slay you, and shall let fall the sword upon you even until ye shall become extinct.

And behold, I am Giddianhi; and I am the governor of this the secret society of Gadianton; which society and the works thereof I know to be good; and they are of ancient date and they have been handed down unto us.

And I write this epistle unto you, Lachoneus, and I hope that ye will deliver up your lands and your possessions, without the shedding of blood, that this my people may recover their rights and government, who have dissented away from you because of your wickedness in retaining from them their rights of government, and except ye do this, I will avenge their wrongs. I am Giddianhi. (3 Nephi 3:1-10)
The man writing the letter was neither a Republican nor a Democrat (at least not by our definition) but he was a man who felt he had a right to demand something of a people who did not trust him.  The people we we have sent to our nation’s capitol are offering a similar “opportunity” for conformity to us.  The elected leaders of this country have forgotten that they are sent to govern at our behest.  They have grown “fat” in their positions and believe that we are less than intelligent so they must save us from ourselves.

Current legislation before congress is known to be “BAD” for the people yet an ignorant (meaning those who ignore) sect of the government continue to propel us toward something they can’t even describe (because it isn’t finished).  Can their be any doubt that their intentions are not honorable but selfish in nature?

When politicians begin to rule as monarchs and not as elected representatives, it is time to remove the offending persons and replace them with trusted servants to the people.

The problem then becomes, who can we trust to do the job correctly?  Not an easy question to answer!!!  It will take a lot of work by a large group of people to find those who are interested in serving and not ruling.  

Our task is to find someone like Lachoneus who is more concerned for the welfare of his people than for his own political career.  It might be well if we all took a few minutes and read how this “JUST MAN” was able to preserve the liberty of his people in the face of overwhelming odds (read 3 Nephi 3:11-26).
We live in a blessed land and have rights and privileges given to us because we have been a nation of faith.  The blessings of God will not remain with us if we are not faithful to Him and His Son.  There are people in this country who know how to be true to the things of God.  They do not have to be Latter-day Saints—They only have to be JUST.  Look for them and support them so that we might save this wonderful land we love.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some Unrelated Musings

It’s Parent/Teacher Conference tonight and I don’t have any parents visiting so I’m going to use the time to throw out a few thoughts.  Nothing earth-shattering, but some ponderings I have had over the last while.

On the 26th of Feb, one of my heroes (Elder Oaks) was at Harvard Law School to share a few ideas.

Here is the link to his message:

If people would just listen to these inspired men, there would be fewer problems in the world.  Of course, we know that isn’t going to happen with most people because what our Prophets teach is not what they want to hear.  There’s just too much “fun” in what the world wants to do and they can’t be bothered with what is right. (OK, maybe that’s a little judgmental and I should be more careful….sorry World!)


Joel is in California now (San Luis Obispo) and is working at one of the colleges.  We have been posting some of his letters and sending them to family.  If you aren’t getting them and would like to, please Teresa know.


One of my favorite authors, when I was young, was Robert Heinlein

Most of what he wrote was science fiction for young people.  To me, his best book was called Starship Troopers.


I always wanted someone to make a movie of that book but when it finally came out, it was rated R and (as I understand, not having seen it) was nothing like the book. 

I really hate it when people ruin perfectly good stories by adding worthless junk. 

Don’t know how Mr. Heinlein felt about the movie cause he was dead but I hope he was very upset and sent scary ghosts to those who perpetrated this horrible travesty.


One last thing before I go!!

Someone just came in for P/T conference and now I can’t remember the last thing.  I guess that will have to be all for this entry.