Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some Unrelated Musings

It’s Parent/Teacher Conference tonight and I don’t have any parents visiting so I’m going to use the time to throw out a few thoughts.  Nothing earth-shattering, but some ponderings I have had over the last while.

On the 26th of Feb, one of my heroes (Elder Oaks) was at Harvard Law School to share a few ideas.

Here is the link to his message:

If people would just listen to these inspired men, there would be fewer problems in the world.  Of course, we know that isn’t going to happen with most people because what our Prophets teach is not what they want to hear.  There’s just too much “fun” in what the world wants to do and they can’t be bothered with what is right. (OK, maybe that’s a little judgmental and I should be more careful….sorry World!)


Joel is in California now (San Luis Obispo) and is working at one of the colleges.  We have been posting some of his letters and sending them to family.  If you aren’t getting them and would like to, please Teresa know.


One of my favorite authors, when I was young, was Robert Heinlein

Most of what he wrote was science fiction for young people.  To me, his best book was called Starship Troopers.


I always wanted someone to make a movie of that book but when it finally came out, it was rated R and (as I understand, not having seen it) was nothing like the book. 

I really hate it when people ruin perfectly good stories by adding worthless junk. 

Don’t know how Mr. Heinlein felt about the movie cause he was dead but I hope he was very upset and sent scary ghosts to those who perpetrated this horrible travesty.


One last thing before I go!!

Someone just came in for P/T conference and now I can’t remember the last thing.  I guess that will have to be all for this entry.


Brian Whitmer said...

I must say, this rivals Joel's letters in randomness :-). The book was a little boring, but WAY different than the movie (on tv, stop judging me... I didn't even finish it), and definitely better than said movie.

DeMoux Family said...

I saw part of that movie on tv once before I knew what it was (sorry, Dad, I never could get through the book). My favorite line was "You kill bugs good, Rico!" We laughed and laughed and changed the channel after that, but Josh and I still tease about it, what a dumb thing to say.