Monday, October 29, 2012

Two Sons

Saturday Teresa and I were invited to attend a little meeting with our two eldest sons.  Josh met a lady on one of his business trips who had some connections with the state chapter of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and she invited him to come speak.  She also asked if Brian would consent to be there and share some of his experiences.  Both agreed so we chose to tag along and act as beaming parents.

It is always interesting to see your children in a different environment.  Our perceptions are based on what we see in them growing up and the few times we watch them interact with friends and such.  To see them as “normal” people is often eye opening and unusual.

Josh spent his time helping the young folk (college age) understand that ‘innovation’ in not starting a new company but it has a lot to do with examining the world around you and finding better ways to do things.  He was very confident (with a tough crowd – they were ready to go home after a long weekend) and patient as he shared some really good thoughts about business and ways to improve things.  Sure hope some of those kids listened.

Josh speaking on innovation to a group of tired college students.
He finally got them to wake up but it was difficult.
Of course, Brian spent most of his time sharing the journey of the last few years with his company, Instructure.  We even learned a few things we hadn’t known before so the message was fascinating.  And the growth of his company is such a fantastic story that he really had them on the edge of their seats (so to speak)

Casual Saturday dress for Brian as he shares about Instructure and  Canvas (their product).
Everyone wanted to get a piece of him after because he is 'famous.'
You will notice, from the photos, that Brian is playing the part of the ‘entrepreneur’ and Josh tried to stick to the ‘businessman’ mold.  Not what you would have expected from them when they were younger but….

Proud parents will always be grateful for their sons and daughters as they succeed.  But we are exceptionally proud of all our children because they have grown up to be such fine, moral, loving people.  It’s just fun to share it with others from time-to-time.

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