Tuesday, May 21, 2013


When my sweet wife became pregnant with our fourth child, we were certain the time had come to have our next little girl.  So certain that we spent little time considering names for a boy!

Kevin and Tanner
Not surprisingly, when a new male-type person came to be in the family, we had nothing in the name department ready for his arrival.  (BTW, this was before most people were “peeking” to determine what the gender of children would be.  We just trusted that things would work out how we expected.)

We eventually settled on Kevin (because we liked the name) and Ray (in honor of Teresa’s dad) for the little fellow (though it was two days after his birth before we could agree).

Not an auspicious start for such a determined young man. 

Maybe determined is a little too mild for the personality we received.  This was a soul, sent from God, who knew what he wanted and was bound to get it despite the obstacles placed in his way. 

Kevin's family at East Canyon
And what has this determination wrought?  Well, he is now the father of two plus (#3 due in July) boys who show the same fire he had as a youth.  He has completed course work and is a chef and currently studies business at the U of U (I know, but we still let him come watch the BYU games with us) with the intention of becoming a manager in his company (currently asst. mgr. of the bakery)

Not bad for someone whose parents had trouble naming him.  He’s turned out to be a wonderful and patient father and a faithful husband.  Who could ask for more from a son? – Not me.  We love you Kevin.

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