Friday, May 31, 2013


While still a young man, I had the dream that I would one day become a successful singer.  My athletic abilities were mediocre at best and I never felt I was anything to look at, nor did I have the confidence to think I was very smart,  but (probably because my parents encouraged me) in my mind there was the impression that I could sing pretty well.

Sadly, I never could focus enough to learn to “read” music but all my choir and band experience helped me at least understand the concepts of following a written song.  While in high school I joined with a couple of friends to create a band (two guitars and me singing) that performed a couple of places and accidentally won a talent show. We tried to emulate some of the popular groups but after a while we all went our own ways and my dream of a career crept off into the sunset.

So, if I was to be a performer, who would I be???
From my growing up days I list the following as singers I really enjoyed:

He doesn't look like this anymore --
too many struggles.
1.    James Taylor – except for a couple of songs he was one of those I really enjoyed.  His voice is not great but it is distinctive and the songs were usually well-written.

My favorite song from his playlist
2.  Carlos Santana – good loud rock music with Spanish flavor (and I secretly wanted to speak the language fluently).

Disco Days -- not the good stuff
3.  The Bee Gees -- what a great sound they made when they were at their best.  Not the disco years but the music that they started with (New York Mining Disaster, I Started a Joke, etc.).   And I could sing the falsetto stuff right along with them.

BTW, I never could figure out how Neil Diamond became so popular.  He must have some pictures or something that he could use as leverage for his career.  He had no range and sounded like he was speaking instead of singing all his music.

And from the people available today, these are a few that I have grown to appreciate and think I could emulate:

Sometimes a very strange man but
he has some fun songs
1.    Jason Mraz – you have to be careful with some of his stuff but he is unique enough that I have made some allowances for his work.
Smooth and easy to listen to

2.  Jack Johnson – I know, he and Jason Mraz are really similar but I still like Jack and his “surfer” style music.

Great talent for a young guy
3.  Josh Groban – I will not give up my man-card for this!!  He is excellent and I love to fake like I can sing his songs.  Maybe in the next life after my voice has been resurrected!!

OK, that’s my thoughts on musicians for today.  Maybe next time I take this topic I will look at instrumental musicians (though I KNEW that I would never be good at that so it was not in my window of consideration).

 Note: just noticed that all three of the modern guys have names that start with the letter J.  Wonder if that has some psychological explanation???

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