Friday, April 5, 2013


Once a week my sweet wife and I trundle south a few miles and spend several hours working in the Jordan River Temple.  It is one of the highlights of our week because we love the Spirit there and the opportunity to work for the salvation of those who have passed to the Spirit world. 
Jordan River Temple -- Home away from Home
But I have another reason for liking my Wednesday nights.  You see, most of the folks who work at the temple are older – not necessarily elderly – just older than the average person.  And most are   OLDER THAN I AM!!!

During the week my job has me associating with YOUNG people.  My students are between 14 and 18 and the other teachers in my building are well behind me in years.  In other words, I am the OLD distinguished guy where I work.

So when I go to the temple, I’m one of the YOUNG guys and I can make fun tease the old codgers’ gentlemen on my shift.  Yippee for us young fellows.

I’m reminded of a statement Enoch made when God called him to preach to the people of his day:

          Why is it that I have found favor in thy sight, and am but a lad…? (Moses 6:31)

If you look on the previous page you see that Enoch was 65 years old when this calling came.  And he considered himself a lad!!!  Maybe we have this age thing all backwards. 

Or maybe not!!! At least that’s what my body says.

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