Tuesday, April 23, 2013


There is only one daughter in our family so, as a dad, I didn't get extensive training in that arena.  While we suffered through many of the traumas brought on by the teen years, the truth is we were very blessed when it came to our little girl.

Growing up, Melissa was attached to her dad – probably like many other young girls are to their fathers.  But I sort of got used to being the “alpha-male” in her life and relished the good relationship we had.  Even when she started dating, there was a sense that no one could really measure up to her daddy.

Then along came that dreaded BOY!!! 
He was on probation but after 10 yrs we let him stay.

Oh, I knew the day was coming but it was still a big shock when it happened.  All of a sudden dad was in the background and my baby girl was off with some strange guy starting a life without me.  The change was difficult but eventually I accepted my diminished role and made-do with what little was left.

Melissa and her clan

Fourteen years later (or thereabouts) I seldom think about what used to be but there is still a place where I miss the quiet times we used to have just sitting and talking about things together.  She has someone else who deserves her attention and I am happy that he is so good to her.  And those six little angels – well, let’s say that they are a great bonus and are worth all the sacrifice made.  Yet, I do miss how things used to be. 
The oddness of being Whitmer (now DeMoux)

Maybe that is a little like how Heavenly Father feels when we go off and get busy in our lives.  If so, I have a small taste of what that may be like (though I don’t accuse Missy of forgetting me).  God bless my little girl and her wonderful family.  And thanks be to our Father for the good man she married who keeps her happy, healthy and fed.  I love them both. 

On another day I will opine about my boys and how that has gone.  It is very different.

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