Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Prep

I am often asked what teachers do with their summers.  There are even some people who think ALL school teachers have the months from June- August to do whatever they want. I can assure you that MY employer expects me to work the whole summer (except for those days I use for my vacation—which usually means scout camps, girls camps and other things like that) and I try to comply with their desires. 

My number one priority is to get things ready for students and have lessons prepared to teach.  Sadly, because we rotate our curriculum every year, I have to relearn and redo all my lessons…I mean, who can remember what you taught 4 years ago.  Saving old lessons works to a certain extent but usually I find that my view of what is important to teach has changed in the ensuing years.



(My work desk and accoutrements)

(I know, it is a bit of a mess but that’s how I work best)

The subject for this coming school year focuses on the Doctrine and Covenants.

Joseph Smith

Sometimes this can be the most difficult part of the standard works to teach.  Unlike the other books, there is not a story line or theme to the message.

There is just a collection of revelations, given to the Prophet Joseph Smith, that facilitated the organization of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

First Vision

Ahhh, but that is where we are very mistaken in our assumptions.  For, there is a story line to each of the sections in this great volume.  It just isn’t always in the text.

Ancient prophets who recorded their revelations and visions from God used the “journal” style to pass the information on to their people.  Even some of the modern prophets have used this method for latter-day revelations (see D&C 138).

Joseph Smith was careful to record all the things he considered to be the mind and will of God and those who compiled those writings into a book did so under his direction. 

But the context and reasons for the revelations are not always included in the text of the scriptures.  It takes personal effort and study to be clear about WHY things were given to the Prophet. 


That’s why it is good to use some of the books, written by men of the Gospel, to help in our understanding.  There are lots of them to help but I have been enjoying this one as I prepare this summer. 

Here are a few other parts of my prep that are going on this summer:


Getting the classroom ready.


salt lake temple

Attending the Temple (though, not this one)


OK, maybe a few means three or more but I couldn’t find the right pictures to represent the other things.  Just use your imagination and you will come up with some ideas on how I spend my summers.  And NO, I don’t just sleep all day!!!

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Melissa DeMoux said...

Even regular school teachers have a lot to do during the summer, but they don't have the same requirements that you do. It is good that you put so much into your prep for the new year, I know it benefits the students.