Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Greetings and Salutations for Christmas

I haven't had time to really think much about Christmas because we have been very busy in our home. It occurred to me today that I haven't even put up Christmas decorations in my classrooms yet so I took a few minutes and took care of that at the Jr. High. Not sure what to do for the HS but I will see what I can do. Joel and Teresa have done all the festive improvements at home so I am thankful for their efforts. It's not like I haven't thought about things, but with tithing settlement and house repairs and being lazy (oh, that one wasn't supposed to get in there), I just haven't done very well. There are still a few days so maybe I will improve…probably not!!!

Last night I was under the house (crawl space) looking at some of our plumbing and noticed there was a pipe joint that was dripping quite badly. Now, I am a fix-it man of sorts but there are two areas where I am always reluctant to take a risk: plumbing and electrical. Both of these areas of repair have challenged me my whole life and if a project is deemed (by myself or Teresa) to be too large or two dangerous, we call in professional help. My discovery was determined by me to be much too dangerous and so I contacted a plumber and he came to give us an estimate on the work. Sadly, these guys are much better at finding problems than I am so by the time he left we had found about $1000 in work for them to do. Overnight Teresa decided that part of it that had to do with her daycare could wait so the price has gone down substantially but it is still a big shock. So much for getting a new receiver for our sound system (the old one died a couple of years ago). Ah, but we will be safer from flooding and water damage now that we have had the problems fixed.

The Christmas season has caused a huge time shift in Joel's focus. He is part of the High School Madrigals and they perform nearly every night leading up to Christmas. Sadly, I have not been able to attend because of my own scheduling conflicts but I hope to be able to attend the school concert on Wednesday (tomorrow) and maybe another performance this weekend. Teresa says they have been exceptionally good and it has been a pleasure for her to be with them. She has been one of the drivers for many of the performances so she has seen them in a variety of circumstances. I guess they had a little girl pass out last night because she locked her knees. Sorry I missed that one…maybe someone will copy her antics..!!??

One last thing before I close up. My sweet wife has informed me that I need to do a better job in my scheduling. I don't do very well with keeping a calendar so I often forget things and have to hustle when the item is needed. Her suggestion is to get one of those phones that have a daily calendar built in and start to keep things on that. I do always have my phone so it might be a useful idea. I think my only reservation is that I would want one with a full keyboard, not one where you use the predictive dialing for the words. It makes me crazy when I text and the thing keeps giving me suggestions on words that aren't what I want. And sometimes it won't give the word I am spelling at all. I suppose a Blackberry or something similar will work for my needs. We'll see what happens.


demoux family said...

Never thought I would see the day that my dad would list a Blackberry as something to fill his "need." Crazy times we live in. Love you Papa.

Brian Whitmer said...

Blackberry?! Surely you jest! The T-Mobile G-1 is what you need. It syncs with your Google Calendar and gmail (do you use Gmail yet? Hm... maybe you do want a Blackberry... they actually sync with Outlook...), well anyway they're much cooler to us geeks at least. Good luck buying either one if plumbing was that much though :-).