Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Short Post

Last week I asked my children if any of them actually read my blog and most answered in the affirmative. But more than one indicated that they felt my entries were much too long and difficult to read. There were too many words and not enough pictures for their liking. One even stated that their method of checking the blog was to look for one of their family members names and if none were there they went on to something else. While this seemed a little odd to me let me assure you that I AM NOT OFFENDED THAT MY OWN CHILDREN THINK MY BLOG IS BORING!!! After all, I teach high school kids and they say the same thing. So this entry will be short and will include a picture or two to satisfy those who are looking for something to look at rather than something to read. Maybe my feelings won't be hurt so much the next time I write and I can put a regular length entry for this week. That's all for this time. Be happy and remember to be good.

Here we have a drooling Matt with his Mom.

The DeMoux Family Picture (notice Bryce's defective eye)


demoux family said...

Boy Dad, that was really short. I wish there had been more to read, more insight into your life and times. I miss the old long blogs. Just kidding, I think your blog is about you and should be the way you like it.

demoux family said...

Oh, also, see that white "orb" in our family picture...I have a friend in our ward who swears that it is a spirit floating around our family. Little did I know, we are haunted.

The Whitmer's said...

You have a relative who seems to believe the same thing. Remember when we went to Colorado for Brian's wedding? On the way back some of the family went to the Wyoming Territorial prison. One elderly family member was convinced the 'orbs' in the photos taken were spirits of former prisoners who couldn't go home. Weird stuff!!!