Friday, February 20, 2009

Dumb Movies

It's not often that Teresa and I have a night when we can go out to see a movie, but tonight (Friday) was one. We decided it was to be one of two choices; 7 Pounds or Taken. Joel had seen 7 Pounds and said he cried at the end and I didn't think I was in the mood for an emotional journey so we chose to go see Taken. The reviews were inconclusive so we hoped it might be something mindless or action packed but not too stupid. We were very disappointed!!! What a vapid, unimaginative movie!! Someone is trying to rip-off the Bourne movies and did a really poor job. The camera work was so disjointed that we couldn't see anything happening. The Bourne movies were the first I saw use that style but there were at least some parts where you could tell what Bourne was doing. In this one, it was all a blur and most of the action made no sense. But, sadly, that was not the most appalling thing about this movie: the acting was dreadful. Usually Liam Neeson (the voice of Aslan in the Narnia films) is pretty reliable but in this role he was only the bringer of death to anyone (friend or foe) he encountered. And while he did it All in the name of recovering his daughter (which is not such a bad reason, but carried much too far) it made no sense most of the time. It's one thing to have someone who is the hero and can beat the bad guys but when the 'good' guy never gets hurt and everyone around him dies, it becomes tiresome. All through the car chase scene there were cars pulling up beside Neeson's vehicle and opening up with automatic weapons but all we see is glass flying and goons dying. Not one wound or glass cut on the hero and the little girl in the backseat hardly moved despite all the jumping, skidding, colliding and mayhem during the chase. But when Neeson shoots he always hits his man with a death wound. Injury finally fell upon our hero when he found his daughter and was captured. But thanks to poor plumbing work and some hapless guards, he was again able to overcome all the wicked ones (and the police) and eventually rescue his daughter. At least in movies of this genre like the Transporter, there is a little humor to salve your broken heart. Nothing intentionally funny happened (thought there were a couple of unintentional moments). Sorry for those who might have wanted to see this and I spoiled your movie, but trust me, I have been a true friend. Or maybe I have been out of the movie scene so long I have lost perspective. You decide. Actually, both of us decided that we should have gone home early because it was far too violent for what we should be watching. Repentance time again!!

For those who know him, Larry H. Miller, the owner of the Utah Jazz and many other businesses passed away today. He suffered from type 2 diabetes and had a rare, incurable, disease that calcified his blood vessels. Despite what some may think, he was a good man who did much for his family, his state and his religion. He will be missed because he was an honest, good-hearted man who tried his best. His last request was to go home and spend his the week with his family. Wouldn't it be nice to know when you were to leave so you could spend your final few days with those you love most? God bless the Miller family and may his memory be sweet to all who knew him.

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demoux family said...

Thanks for the input on "Taken." We had considered seeing it. I think we'll pass on that one. I agree about Larry Miller. He had a good heart.