Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wicked, Babies, Conference

OK, I am tardy with a post to our blog but I have been busy and lazy and just about every excuse you can think of for the past month. And since I can't remember everything that has happened I will probably just make a short entry this time. Today we are waiting anxiously for Paula to have her new little girl. The doctors have induced her and they are just waiting for the workings of the mortal frame to take over and push that little angel out to this dark and dreary world. We have Becca today and will be going down after the delivery to help things get set up. Paula's mom is here so we won't be staying long but we want to see the new addition and finally hear what she will be called.

Last night we began our family adventure to the musical Wicked. Josh, Heather, Brian, Paula, Joel and his date went up to Capitol Theater and enjoyed a night out watching witches and wizards do their thing. Tonight Kevin, Jenny, Missy and Josh will be attending and Saturday is the day for Mom and Dad to make an appearance. So far all have had glowing reviews and have been thrilled with the experience. Who knew a green skinned witch could create such a stir in a community.

We just finished General Conference and were very excited with the messages given by our leaders. It seems they are trying to prepare us for the events of the times by helping us draw closer to the Lord. I especially enjoyed Elder Hales message on how to prepare for difficult times. You might want to consider some of his thoughts and see how they apply to your lives. Actually, it would be good for anyone to listen or read all the messages given by the Prophets. It sure is nice to know that God doesn't leave us alone in these difficult times.

Went to the Green River with Josh last week and we had a pretty good time. Our trailer was comfortable except that the battery was dead and we had no heat the first night. It was only 7 degrees so we piled blankets and made it through all right. Found a place to charge the battery and slept better the next night. Fishing was good Saturday and the weather was much nicer. Don't have many pics so this will have to do.

Teresa and I got a new camera and I will be posting a few pics to show the difference from our old one. Should be fun when we go to Jamaica. See ya next time.

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Josh, Heather, and Matthew said...

That is the first picture I've seen of your Green trip. Glad to know there's some documentation of the successful fishing extravaganza. I agree that Wicked was amazing. Thank you, Thank you Thank you for including us in that experience!