Sunday, January 31, 2010

Farewell To Joel and His Youth

Today was Joel’s “Farewell” in church. 

We had quite the crowd in the meeting.

It seemed there were lots of girls but that may have just been my impression.

Joel gave a great talk on the Atonement.

We were all impressed with his maturity and insight.  There is a real deepness to him that comes out when he puts his mind to the effort.  Afterwards we had a gathering at our home for those who came.  The house was packed for most of the afternoon and all seemed to have a great time.  Most of the food was gone (Teresa was worried there wouldn’t be anything people liked but it was consumed) and no one complained.  I am including a selection of pics to show how it all went.  For those who missed, we missed you and hope you get a chance to say hi before Joel is off (next Wed. morning Feb 3). 

IMG_1753 Wendy, Troy and kids



A small group hanging out in the big room----------------------



Joel partaking of some good grub.

IMG_1766 IMG_1780 Old folk visiting.

IMG_1795 Friends from College who came up to wish Joel well.


And, of course, what would a farewell be without a visit from Elvis.

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demoux family said...

Elvis, ha ha ha!! It was a fun day, that's a great kid you've got there!