Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Church History Workshop

Earlier in the month, Teresa and I had a chance to take a trip to the eastern part of the U.S.  We were part of a workshop, sponsored by Seminaries and Institutes that visited historic Church sites in several states.

Mike and Teresa in the Sacred Grove

Unlike other tours, this one was a participating adventure and each couple had a particular site to report on for the group.  This made our days, on the bus and off, full and educational.  There wasn’t much time for sightseeing and sleeping.

Fairport Harbor Lighthouse -- Many Saints came to Ohio through this port.

We made some good friends with people we had not met before and we had some very spiritual experiences along the way.  Sadly, the whole experience is too long to put on this blog – but I have written it in my journal!!  Actually, I am only mostly done but the total pages thus far are around 30 so I doubt anyone wants to spend that much time on this blog.  When I die, maybe some of you can read the whole thing.

The Kirtland Temple -- First in this dispensation

Anyway, here a few highlights.  I will only put a little commentary so it doesn’t wear on the reader so much.  Enjoy and know that we were tired but very uplifted when we returned to our home in Utah.

Joseph Smith Jr. Home in Kirtland -- Just purchased by the Church

Bedroom in the John Johnson home where Joseph was abducted, tarred and feathered.  The trundle bed is where their little adopted son slept with Joseph.  Notice the fancy painting on the floor.

Home that sits on the foundation of the Joel Hills Johnson home in Kirtland.  One of our ancestors (Teresa and I are cousins) who was faithful to the end.

Entrance trail to the Sacred Grove

The original home where Joseph was visited by the Angel Moroni

The room where Joseph and his brothers slept-- Moroni came here and didn't wake any of the brothers.

The Joseph Memorial Monument -- 38.5' high and made of one solid piece of granite.

The Angel Moroni Monument on the Hill Cumorah

"Alvin's Tree" -- thought to be planted in memory of Alvin by the family.  That would make the tree nearly 200 yrs old. It took four ladies to reach around the tree.

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Melissa DeMoux said...

You two really do have some great stories from the trip, I'm glad you got to go.