Thursday, September 20, 2012


It’s been a little while since I posted.  I guess getting back to school has been busier that I thought.  We are now into week four and I am really having a good time with this year’s crop of students.  Don’t know that they are any different than previous years but something seems to have clicked with this group.

Or maybe I’m putting more effort into my preparation and teaching.  We are studying the New Testament and my summer was spent looking up doctrines and principles that I could teach from this wonderful book.  It is so much fun to study the life of Christ and see how He taught those He loved. 

One thing has become abundantly clear!!  Whenever Jesus taught, He always focused on one person and taught to the needs of that soul.  He didn’t get hung up on all the outside things – just the needs of that single person.  No one was outside His circle of caring.  I guess there is a lesson for me in there.  Hope it takes someday!!

Until next time.  

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