Monday, September 16, 2013


…Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. (Genesis 2:24)
Our First Parents who
were always faithful
to each other.

Recently Teresa and I have been visiting some of the folks we love the most who live near us.  Many are relatives or long-time friends and some are fairly new additions to our circle but we have grown to appreciate each of them for specific reasons.  Some make us laugh and others offer us ways to serve and step outside our selfish world view.

I have noticed that most of these people are in the later reaches of mortal life and are suffering from some physical or mental weakness that makes life difficult.  Maybe we like them because we are approaching those years and want to get some clues on how to deal with the future.  For whatever reason, our days are better when we visit with these good souls and offer the hand of fellowship.

But there is an even more important message in our visits with our friends.  Without exception, one or both in the couple has a debilitating malady that makes life nearly unbearable for their companion.  Some are losing their mental faculties; others are physically weak or incapacitated; but, despite the challenges proffered by their lives, all these couples have stayed true to their companion.  Not just by staying in the home but by sacrificing all their time and efforts to support and provide for their spouse.  Many of these good people are ill themselves but they work day and night to care for and protect their eternal companion from the ravages of this mortal experience. 

When God commanded Adam and Eve to “cleave” unto each other, and none else, most often we consider the need to be morally true to our spouse.  But I believe He was also thinking of times like the end of life. 

It has always been interesting to me that He used the word “CLEAVE” because it has two meanings – and they are opposites.  I guess it was His way of seeing who would be faithful and understand what He really meant in His command.

The adversary would invite the world to cleave from (split or sever) their companion because it is too hard to care for them.  The Lord challenges us to cleave to (become very strongly involved with or emotionally attached to) and hold on because these are the people we have covenanted to love and cherish throughout all eternity. 

Eternal Covenants are made here.
My hope is that when the time comes to care for my sweetheart, I will be prepared to give ALL I have to protect and love for her.  She is my most important friend and I want that to be true forever.

I WILL cleave unto her with all my heart!!!

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