Monday, July 21, 2014


It’s one of those days when I want to write but I don’t have a particular message I want to send out.  That leaves me in the position of simply recording some my thoughts and letting that be the post.


I used to be a pretty good typist.  When I was in high school I could pound out 50-60 words per minute – rivaling some of the girls in our typing class.  And that was on the old fashioned typewriters that required you to hit the return bar and push really hard on the keys.
Yes, this is what they look like.
No, there is no processor or monitor.

With the advent of computer keyboards my speed and accuracy increased exponentially.  But for the last year or so I have noticed a decided decrease in my ability to tell my fingers where the letters are on the keyboard.  Part of it might be that there is some urgency in everything I do lately.  But I suspect most of it is just a rebellion in the extremities of the body and the connection they have with the brain.

Stupid Old Age!!!  And I’m not really that old yet!!!


Working with young people gives me a chance to watch most of them begin the process of driving.  There is a wide range of emotions with these kids and some I am a little surprised to witness.
I drove one just like this for a couple of years.  I miss it.

For instance, while there are many that are thrilled, excited, overcome with joy, etc. to get a license to populate the roads, there is also a growing number of young people who choose to avoid the prospect of driving.  Excuses range from no interest to fear of failure.  Several boys I know have yet to begin the process of learning and they are nearly graduated from High School.

As a youth, the milestone of driving was anticipated with….. well, great anticipation.  And to consider avoiding the opportunity was unthinkable.  You weren't a real teen unless you ached to drive a car.  I’m sure the insurance companies are grateful for those who choose not to take the wheel but it just doesn't

 seem right.  What is this world coming to?

New Digs

After 7 years teaching at Granger High School, I have been moved to Hunter High.  It’s not very far from Granger but it a little bigger school and faculty.  Where we had only three of us at Granger for the past few years, Hunter has 7 teachers.  There is a bigger office here (though I haven’t used an office for years) and the school is slightly closer than Granger was last year.  But it will mean getting used to a new group of students –
and more importantly for them, getting used to me.

I am the old guy here – by about 10 years.  And the majority of the other teachers are young enough to be my children.  But they will learn to fear me as all others have in the past.  Or they will ignore as even more have done.  Anyways, I am here and suspect this may be my last stop before retirement.


We went to see Teresa’s folks last weekend.  Her mom is still struggling with dementia/Alzheimer and her dad is the primary caretaker.  Last time we were down I asked if he would like to go to the Temple next time we came and he thought that would be a good idea.  So Saturday morning we took the drive over Huntington/Fairview Canyon and deposited ourselves at the Manti Temple.

The Manti Temple
This is the same Temple where Teresa and I were sealed 37+ years ago so it has some significance to us.  It is a unique design and is built from the local sandstone that was quarried in the area.  As expected, Saturday was pretty crowded with weddings, students visiting, and lots of people attending as we were.  We had a delightful visit and I think Teresa’s dad was relieved to have a little break from the regular routine of his day.  My next goal is to get him to one of the newer temples (Provo, Payson, Timp) and let him experience the different video presentations they have.


I think everyone knows we are up to 16 grandchildren now.  Benjamin Gregory was born a few weeks ago and is going through the normal process of growing, crying, eating, crying, eating, other things, more crying, even more eating, etc. 

Benji with his big sister Becca and his brother Chris.
Becca really loves to hold the baby.
He came just a few weeks ago.
Having the kids so close means we are well acquainted with all the fun things each of them do.  And all the unique experiences we have with them make the years we spent as parents, pulling our hair out, crying, cringing and wondering what ever possessed us to bring those five special souls down to earth so we could savor the joys they would bring into our lives worth it (BTW, this is a really good run-on sentence… use it for an example if you ever need one).  Anyone who does not want grandchildren has no idea what they are missing.  


A short note for anyone who might think entering our home illegally – please don’t do it.  We are not that OLD yet and we still have a few defenses.  Yes, you might scare us a little but I think we might also frighten you.  I mention this because of an experience we had last week.

It was somewhat late (probably about 11:00 pm) and we were about to retire for the night.  Suddenly there was a noise that sounded like someone was pounding on the side of the house – Thump – thump – THUMP!!!

We looked at each other and then looked at the door, wondering who was going to go down first.  I finally gave in (I am, after all, the man and required to protect the house and family) and crept slowly down the stairs to have a look.  Teresa followed me shortly (neither of us brought a weapon – bat, shovel, gun, etc.) and we carefully looked around the main floor of the house.  NOTHING!!

Gathering my ------- well, I don’t know what I gathered but I decided it was time to look in the basement and see what was there.  Again, NOTHING!!

We checked out the big room on the side of the house.  NOTHING!!!

Finally, I girded up my loins and fresh courage took and tiptoed to the apartment to see what might be hiding in the shadows.  NOTHING!!

Very puzzling.  But also very disturbing.  Though it was probably too late, I determined to be better prepared immediately.  I got a weapon and put it beside the bed – that way I would be ready for the next occurrence.

Eventually we went to sleep and had a good laugh the next morning.  When I came home from work that day Teresa asked me to come to the kitchen.  Guess what she found?  One of the drawers in the counter/cupboard had fallen off its track (who knows why) and dropped down into the cupboard below resulting in the thumping sound.  Boy did we feel silly – BUT –

Anyone who is thinking of thumping or bothering our home any time in the near future better be careful.  I am now ready!!!

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