Monday, February 23, 2015


Saturday was another of our family dinners.  This one was a little different because there was a theme.

In celebration of the continued aging of the clan patriarch, the Lords and Ladies and their considerable lordettes and ladiettes, offered high salutations to said patriarch with a feast of great birds and rousing merriment for all.  Delight was abundant  and appreciated by the beneficiary.

Brian consuming a Large Hunk of Bird

This is a momentous year as we have (or will soon have) reached six decades of actual living as mortals, bound to this earth.  It has been such a marvelous time and we/I hope it continues on for several more decades (OK, I think I’m alright with two or two.five, but much more than that might be a little dicey).

Thanks for the wonderful day and for the many memories of such a sweet family.  And Josh, thanks for the touching and very well done musical number.
(Later I will post the words to his tribute to the ancient traveler).

Until the next occurrence I bid you FAREWELL.

For a more complete vision of the festivities, visit my beautiful daughter's blog .

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