Thursday, August 13, 2015


School starts in less than a week!!

That’s earlier than usual but it means we don’t go past Memorial Day.

I’m ready for the kids to come back.  Normally I’m ready to go after about three weeks of summer.

The boy Samuel hearing the voice of the Lord

Here are some pictures I have put on the walls of my room.  Our subject is the Old Testament this year.  The subject matter is one of my favorites because there is so much new to the students (except they are always afraid of Isaiah…he’s fun if you don’t panic).

Abraham blessing his son Isaac

Ezekiel teaches of the two "sticks" that shall
testify of Christ

Instead of just mounting the pictures on the wall, I decided to add frames to each one.  Of course, I can’t afford real frames so I went to local Home Depot and purchased some moulding and cut it to fit.  The paint job is just for variety sake – gets boring if they are all white.

Hope the kids like them.

Adam and Eve being taught by the angel after
being driven out of the Garden

Usually they do.

Israelites putting lamb's blood over the door

For the first week or so!

Moses and the 70 seeing Jehovah

Then they forget and life goes on.

The creation of the Earth by the premortal Jehovah (Jesus)

Happy ‘getting ready for school’ to all you with kids or who are teachers.  Let’s make this a good year and help someone learn something.

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