Tuesday, September 1, 2015


There have been a lot of ideas running through my head over the past few days.  Originally I was planning to do one blog on each but as they accumulate, I think it might be better to just take a snapshot and let that be the end of it.


Frankly, I have not been too concerned with this subject but the antics of some “candidates” are so appalling that I feel a need to comment.

Not being a Clinton fan, I am not surprised at the things Mrs. Clinton does and represents.  For the life of me, I cannot understand how anyone could consider her an appropriate candidate for the presidency of the United States.  We, as a nation, have had decades to watch and evaluate her abilities and everything that she has shown says there is no substance.  As a First Lady she ‘looked the other way’ when her husband defiled their marriage arrangement.  Rather than hold him accountable, she decided to stand by and let him philander his way through 8 years as President.  How then can we trust her to hold members of congress, a cabinet, Joint Chiefs, and a staff (check out Huma) responsible for their actions (and that’s not even counting her own predilection for avoiding responsibility) when she won’t even call her husband out for infidelity.

I am aware that no person is perfect and all candidates have their weaknesses and warts but the accumulation of defects seems to be much greater for Mrs. Clinton than for most others.

And lest you think I am holding her to a standard different than other individuals:

Donald Trump is a travesty!!  What has he EVER done for the benefit of anyone but himself.  His life is one continuous fling with fame, fortune, and self-aggrandizement.  Yes, he has billions of dollars.  Yes, he can make deals with competitors and ‘fire’ people for their failures.  But what has he ever done when it comes to the improvement of a nation, or even a city.  His bluster and rudeness are not the things that will buy us goodwill with our allies and will only aggravate the situation with those who already hate us.  People like him are not what we need when there are tough decisions to make.  A leader who ‘shoots from the hip’ is fine when you are in the business world but dealing with the governing of nations we must have leaders who are thoughtful and careful in their decision making.

Truth be told, if these two are the only choices we have, I would much prefer the Socialist Bernie Sanders.  At least we know who he is and how he will be doing things.  As to other candidates: I haven’t seen enough of any of them to have an opinion so I will hold judgment until later.


It has been some time since we cut the cord from Comcast.  We are finding that there are some pretty good things to watch on other sources but also, our TV time has been reduced considerably with the change.  Here are a few little gems we have found to watch when we do go online:

Granite Flats – this one sort of reminds me of Mayberry and the like.  It’s not a comedy but the story line is believable and the acting is decent.  And you don’t have to worry about language or other stuff.

Warehouse 13 – quirky and edgy sometimes, but still a fun show to watch.  Interesting to see what ‘artificts’ they will come up each episode.  A couple of times it came close to the line but backed off before falling over the edge.

The 100 – Sci-Fi premise with a little of the flavor of Revolution.  Kids from a space ‘ark’ are sent to Earth to see if it is livable and find that not everyone died.  Now they have to figure out how to survive.  Again, pushes the boundaries but, so far, hasn’t gone rouge.

There might one or two others, but that’s all I can remember right now.

We haven’t been to many movies lately but the last one I enjoyed was the ‘Hunger Games’ recent release (can’t remember all the names). Guess I’m getting lazy in the oldness of life.


We have finally finished the ‘rumpus’ room.  At least the major things are completed.  After all these months, it is such a pleasure to enter a room that feels and looks like something we can enjoy.  No more ratty carpet – no more ugly paint – and no more weird doors and windows that drive us crazy.  I have to give Teresa all the props for our success.  If it had been up to me, who knows what it would look like.  There are some picture on my phone and I will add them when I get home (I’m on my iPad right now).  You will be amazed at the difference.


The other day the high school next to our seminary had an unusual experience.  They have one of those automatic call generators to let parents know when kids are absent or when activities are coming up.  So the principal decided to send out a message to all parents about something (I don’t remember what) he figured they needed to know.  Unfortunately, the call generator hit a glitch and kept calling ALL the parents and delivering the same message.  Over and over, the parents kept receiving an annoying message that wasn’t that interesting the first time – and it kept coming – 40 or 50 times in one night.

Imagine the calls that experience would generate for the school.

Now times that by 1000.

There were even a few parents who threatened to sue the school district because of harassment.

Sure glad I wasn’t on the receiving end of that little escapade.

I think that will do for today.  There will probably be another posting in the next few days.

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