Sunday, January 17, 2016


Politics being what they are, it is interesting to watch the debate and discussion on both sides. 

 The Democrats seek to look like they love everyone by promising to give away the whole world. 

Republicans are focused on finding a way to stop the growth of terror and taking back the White House. The result for most all the politicians is a rancorous debate that focuses on hate, fear, destruction, and destroying their opponents. 

 The situation of the world and our own political issues came into focus as I read the following quote from a wise man. Howard W. Hunter said the following: 

 And what of the meek? In a world too preoccupied with winning through intimidation and seeking to be number one, no large crowd of folk is standing in line to buy books that call for mere meekness. But the meek shall inherit the earth, a pretty impressive corporate takeover--and done without intimidation! Sooner or later, and we pray sooner than later, everyone will acknowledge that Christ’s way is not only the right way, but ultimately the only way to hope and joy. Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that gentleness is better than brutality, that kindness is greater than coercion, that the soft voice turneth away wrath. In the end, and sooner than that whenever possible, we must be more like him. … 

 I am tired of brutality in speech and action. It’s discouraging to constantly see coercion used as the means for gaining an advantage. And the loud voices of the braggarts and ‘fame-seekers’ make it impossible to know who really has the ability to lead with conviction. 

 Even the intimation that a meek person should lead this nation or negotiate with the kingdoms of the world is ludicrous to many. But imagine the power that comes from finding a way to gently revolutionize the path we are taking. And consider the quiet confidence a President would need to invoke kindness and love while helping us all become better. 

 If history is correct, this is the method used by George Washington when he led the newly formed United States of America. Abraham Lincoln famously called for kindness and charity as the same nation began its reunification at the close of the Civil War. Even John Kennedy tried to present the attitude of meekness in order to heal the rifts that were beginning to tear us apart. 

 And most importantly, isn’t that the path the Savior chose? Maybe it’s something to think about as we choose leaders in the future. 

Or right now. 

 What we are doing currently has resulted in – well, let’s say, less than desirable consequences. 

 Let’s look for someone who is meek and humble but firm in his commitment to doing good. 

 Someone that will be more interested in what is right rather than what is expedient. 

 A leader that thinks more about the future than what the next poll will show. 

 I’m sure there is at least one person who fits the bill. Maybe not in the current batch of politicians from either party (but I’m willing to be proven wrong). Let’s find that person (male or female) and draft them to take up the challenge. 

It can’t be any worse than what we have to sift through at present. Or what we have had in the recent past. I would even be willing to put up a few dollars if there was someone of such character in the land. 

 Something to think about.

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