Friday, May 29, 2009

The end is near

School is almost over…well, it IS over for most of the students but the district makes them come for a few more days. It makes no sense to me to collect all the books and then expect the kids to come to school for another week and an half…and then get mad when they don't seem to care. But I'm not in charge so I will just enjoy these last few days and get ready for the summer. We have finished all the awards banquets and final assemblies for Joel so now we are just biding our time till he moves on to his next adventure. Should be interesting to see how he does this summer.

The DeMoux's are headed out on their family vacation next weekend and grandma has been plotting to make things sort of fun for them all. There will be some surprises to make the trip a little easier and give Melissa and Josh a little relief. I don't know if all Grandma's are like Teresa, but she is constantly coming up with ideas to make things cool for the little ones. I suppose when they are older they will look back and say their grandma was pretty neat but right now I don't know if they really get it.

We also are getting ready for our own trip to Jamaica in July. There are so many things to get ready and so many arrangements that it has become a logistics nightmare…but Teresa has it all in hand and we will be fine. We just found out that if we want to use our Garmin while we are there, it will cost $100 to upgrade to new maps. I guess we can buy a paper map and save a bunch of money. Although it is nice to have someone yelling at you as you drive and go the wrong way ("recalculating…you big dummy"). Things should be exciting for our summer so we will keep you informed.

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