Monday, June 8, 2009

Sealing, Baby, and graduation

Two really special events have occurred in the past week…well, actually three, but who's counting. In order of eternal priority:

Kevin and Jenny were sealed in the Jordan River Temple last Wednesday (June 3, 2009). It was so wonderful to have them ready and willing to make the sacred covenants necessary to have an eternal family. And little Hayden was such a cute young man in his white clothes. It was a long night but well worth all the time and preparation everyone made. When Hayden was brought into the sealing room, he was pretty tired but very game to do his part. Teresa was holding him while his hand was placed on Kevin and Jenny's and then he just laid his little head on the top of all the hands and looked up at his mommy and daddy with those big beautiful eyes of his. What a special moment for all of us.

We took a few pictures after everything was done but I don't have any right now. I will post them when I get them from Josh. We were just so pleased that Kevin and Jenny have taken this big step in their lives and the lives of their children.

On Sunday (June 7) we all went down to Provo to participate in the blessing for Brian and Paula's little girl, Katherine Dawn. She is healthy, strong, and full of life and Brian gave her a very special blessing. There will be lots of work for all the members of that family as they bless and raise Becca but they will all do well. Grandma and Grandpa Grange and Uncle Therron and Aunt Estelle came up from Huntington and all our kids but Melissa and Josh DeMoux were there (they are away in California for vacation). We all had a great time and had a great visit. (I guess I should also mention that Paula's family was there for the blessing and have been here all week, helping with Becca and things. Becca has an appointment today for and MRI to see if they can define what she has a little better. We are hoping!!??)

Lastly, Friday was Joel's High School Graduation. We went to the E-Center (a cavernous, loud and echoey joint that is used mostly for hockey games) and sat, listening to…not much because the sound system is really bad. But Joel was excited and had a good time with his friends for the last hurrah. Afterward we all went out to dinner and got a chance to make sure Joel was well appreciated for his efforts. Now we have to get him out to work so he can be ready for college. Oh, and while things were ponderously moving along, we caught Joel in a candid moment. Enjoy this vintage Joel moment and know that this is pretty much who he is. We love him and are so glad he is with us and yes, he really can be silly sometimes.


Josh, Heather, and Matthew said...

Be sure to hold onto that video for Joel's wife and kids to see. That was pretty funny to watch him off in his own world on stage at graduation. kuluiu, o kbn k jr uv4ibvuijjr jrn x njc n (that part was from Matt. He says hello.

demoux family said...

So many great events, I'm glad we got to be there of them...but hooray for the others too.