Friday, September 4, 2009

Grandkids, Aunts, and Missionaries

One day I am going to find a way to post a blog and not have to insert the photo/pictures from the blog site itself. I use MS Word to create my postings but it doesn't let me post attachments (or at least I haven't found out how to do it). Just a little bother that I hope to resolve in the near future.

This past Tuesday we had the new addition to the family. Melissa was most gracious and delivered Elinor Louise Melissa DeMoux to our family in the early afternoon. Ellie was 7 lbs 11 oz and 20 or so inches long with a full head of black, wavy hair. She is also sporting two double chins and some juicy, rosy cheeks. Teresa and I think she looks a lot like Aubrey but Melissa and Josh aren't sure. Way to go Melissa and little Ellie.

For those who don't follow Josh and Heather's blog, there is a posting showing Matt beginning to walk. He is in the "orangutan" stage (where they walk with arms upraised and totter back and forth for balance) but is getting around very well. I went by their place last night and he was all over the driveway (and into everything Heather didn't want him to get). This is one curious, adventurous little man.

On another grandchild front: Brian and Paula went to see their geneticist about Becca this week. Here are some of the results. We are so grateful that Becca has such wonderful parents. They never give up and they are always so positive in the face of VERY difficult circumstances. The future of this little clan is very bright because they are led by such special parents.

Some of you may be wondering about the aunt part of this posting!!?? When my Dad and Mom got married (many moons ago) my mom had two sisters who were younger than me. Donna and Debbie were close enough in age to us that they were embarrassed to be counted as aunts so they usually introduced us as 'cousins.' It was OK cause I would have felt the same way! Anyways, my AUNTIE Donna has been really sick for the past several years. She is a trooper and has tried to keep things on the quiet side but health matters usually find their way out into the open. This is one special young lady (she is, after all, younger than I) and we are so concerned for her well-being. Any who know her might want to include her in your prayers or even your fasting for this coming weekend. It pains me to see those I love in such pain and not be able to do much. Get well soon, Donna and know we are with you.

Last week I came home from work and Teresa suggested that I take a look at our inbox. Normally she doesn't send me that way so I was intrigued. The first post was sent by someone named Selena and I immediately had a picture of a little girl from Canada flash through my mind. Her family lived in the first area where I served my mission (Stettler, Alberta) and they were the first and ONLY family I had the pleasure to teach and see baptized my whole mission. So imagine my elation when the e-mail WAS from the same young lady (now 35 years older) stating she had been looking for me and wanted to share a little of her life. For once in my life, I was flabbergasted and didn't know what to do. I sat there just staring at the letter and felt something I had never experienced before. Here was a person who was thanking me for helping make a change in her life (at a very young age) that has been a source of strength and happiness for more than 3 decades. I was moved beyond my ability to respond, except to shed a few tears of gratitude.

The next day, at school, I tried to share the experience and found myself choked up and unable to finish the story without a few moments of recovery. Even today, nearly a week later, I am touched by the spirit of what has transpired and cannot fathom the reaction I have felt. Maybe it is like that scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants which says:

"And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him (or her) in the kingdom of my Father!" (D&C 18:15

What a "tender mercy" this has been for me. Heavenly Father has offered me a look at what it will be like if I continue to work and help others find His Son. That little 11 yr old girl, whom I had never forgotten but who seemed so fragile in testimony, has remained faithful and has brought such great joy to my life and the lives of her own family. Who would have guess such a thing might happen? Certainly not me!!! I am forever thankful to Selena for looking me up and for a Father who knows when I need a true boost in life.

(The picture I have posted is from Selena. It shows her family—she is the older of the two little girls—with Elder Gilmore on the left and some skinny elder on the right)

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demoux family said...

Wow, Dad, you were one good looking missionary. What an awesome experience. You get to count a lot more than one, I think that scripture applies to five children, influence on four spouses and ten grandchildren as well. You and mom have surely had an amazing influence for good.