Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nothing much but a little.

This will be short and pictureless but it has been too long without a post. School and work around the house have kept me very busy so I don't have a lot of exciting adventures to report. We continue to dig the "crypt" under the house (that has become our FHE activity for the past few weeks)
in order to make a new food storage area. Encountering water had made the whole thing interesting but solutions have come as needed. Joel is doing well at school (except he has a hard time with his 8 am class) and is now preparing his papers for a mission. The hope is that we will have everything submitted in two weeks so his call will come well before his birthday. For an update on the other kids, check out their blogs (Melissa, Josh, Kevin, Brian).

Spent the day Saturday raking and preparing the lawn for overseeding so we can have better grass next spring. Combine that with my golf experience on Friday (Josh and Joel and I decided to lose a few balls together) and you have the makings for a back ache that creates a bit of Sabbath discomfort. Nothing that can't be dealt with but annoying nonetheless. I guess, compared with the misery Donna is having, this is just a small annoyance that can be ignored. BTW, she is doing a little better and hopes to continue improvement. Best wishes and love to her.

Both the work projects (lawn and 'crypt') required new purchases. Digging a sump pit for the 'crypt' resulted in a broken shovel (blasted thing just snapped in half) and intense raking found the handle of the old rake crumbling from exhaustion. Hardware store visits returned with "25 Year Guaranteed" replacements that better last that long. By then I will be 79 years old and probably won't care if they work or not. Or maybe I will be old and crusty and get angry for their failure. I'll let you know when I get there.

Gotta run for now. Sundays are always busy and today is no exception. Fast day is my favorite so I want to be in my best form. Next week is conference and I expect I will have lots to say. The week after we will be blessing Ellie (Elinor Louise Melissa DeMoux). Fun stuff!!!


demoux family said...

So sorry for your loss (of yard tools) and hope the new ones live to deserve your respect.

Josh, Heather, and Matthew said...

Josh was sore all weekend but couldn't figure out it was from the golfing adventure until Sunday night. Hope your back feels better soon!