Thursday, September 23, 2010

P/T and ECR

Parent/Teacher conferences at the Jr. High tonight so I have a little time to put something out on the blog. 

Maybe not!!  Just had a run of parents that took nearly an hour.  Usually there aren’t that many who come but this year seems to be different.  I do have a great group of kids and I am enjoying the goodness they bring to our class.

Now for a little about the state of the family.

Last weekend we took our annual trip to East Canyon Resort and had everyone there but Josh and Heather (Josh had a business meeting in San Francisco and Heather went with him…the babies stayed with Heather’s mom for a few days).  We had three condos and plenty of exciting activities (see attached photos).

  IMG_2160 IMG_2192

Katie learning to golf                                                                         Shuffleboard with little folk

IMG_2205 IMG_2210

The Pool was really nice                    DeMoux’s in the wilderness

IMG_2282 IMG_2284

The four little ‘outlaws’                             Ellie practicing the crab walk

IMG_2187 IMG_2165

Brothers in the “Troll House”                   Bryce making a great shot



From time to time I get a little grumpy about the cost and inconvenience of owning a time-share but weekends like this remind me why we put up with the hassle.

These are days the kids will always remember and they really charge the old folk back up so we can endure a little more of the struggles that lie ahead.

Thanks to my sweetheart for keeping me (and our family) grounded in reality and eternity.


Grandma with Baby Emma

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