Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thoughts for the Day

A few random musings.

Josh and I went to Strawberry Reservoir for a closing fishing trip and had some pretty good success.  Things were slow for the first couple of hours but by the end of the night we had landed several large trout (one which we kept for Josh).  Nice way to end the fishing season.  Here is an article that shows what it was like.

Lots of work and meetings on the Sabbath but an enjoyable day.  I did have some heavy congestion and figured it must be an allergy but nothing seemed to fix the problem.  Went to bed wondering if I would be healthy for school the next day.


Have you ever tried to greet someone and found that your mouth was moving but no words were coming out?  That was my experience as my students came to class.  The best I could do was an almost inaudible whisper.  The positive is the kids really had to listen in order to hear what I was saying.  They also felt like they had to answer all my questions in a whisper.  With my bad ears, most of what they said I couldn’t hear but we got through the ordeal


After a second day of whispering, Teresa convinced me to go see the doctor.  She (the doc) told me I had a viral laryngitis and the best remedy is to stop talking.  After I finished laughing, she suggested that she was not kidding.  For the next few days I will be resting my voice (makes me feel like some great opera singer) and hanging out at our home, trying not to get in Teresa’s way.

The other day I received notice that I have officially completed my Wood Badge requirements.  The next court of honor we have, someone from the district will come and award my beads and I can finally be a “real” Scouter.


Just watched the Texas Rangers beat the Yankees in the 4th game of the American League championships.  I have always disliked the Yankees so any team that beats them is my friend.  Does it affect our exaltation to really despise a baseball team?  Or a football team (Dallas Cowboys)?  How about basketball (Lakers)? 


My favorite college football team is having a difficult year but I’m not really concerned.  The future is bright and good things will come.  Patience is rewarded by excellence.


Made a huge mistake the other day.  My normal dry-cleaner closed its doors so, rather than look for another, I decided to take our clothing to Red Hanger.  The expectation was that the price would be a little more than normal but still in the realm of affordability.  Imagine my shock when the bill totaled more than $100.  For once, I was afraid to tell Teresa what I had done… but I ‘manned up’ and took my beating.  Sorry sweetheart—it won’t happen again.  The pain was too great (the money, not the flogging).


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Melissa DeMoux said...

Mental note, no Red is funny to hear you whispering so fiercely about everything, but I hope it clears up soon.