Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting From Here to There

Last night Teresa and I went out to Brian and Paula's to take care of their little ones for a couple of hours. They just bought a new van for their family and Brian was kind enough to let us take it for a test drive.  The van is an '04 Toyota Sienna and is in really fine shape.


Who knew that a car could drive so nicely and be so soundproof?

We are used to our older, more beaten down modes of transportation and this little gem was really delightful.

It was a pleasant ride and reminded us that there are still nice vehicles in the world.

(This coming from the owners of several well-travelled iron beasts)



As nice as the whole thing was, there was one little negative to the whole experience.


A few years ago I was going to buy a new pickup for my next form of conveyance but because of events at the time, we (or maybe I, memory isn't great) determined not to wait to save enough for the truck and instead, purchased my lively little Explorer.  It has been a reliable little jewel but does have the disadvantage of not being a TRUCK.

So, for the past several years we have been saving so I can finally get the 'real' vehicle I wanted in the first place.


After last nights little jaunt, I am afraid that my sweetheart is going to need to have a replacement for the aging and rattling piece of junk she has been driving for the past while.  Oh, she still thinks she loves it and is willing to continue using it for years to come but I know that inside she is just as frustrated with that goofy product, created by the Chrysler company, as I am.  And if she isn't, she should be!!!


I have come to the conclusion that even if Teresa thinks her van will suffice, I do not agree and we must make her needs a higher priority than my own!

And that's all I'm going to say on that subject.


Brian Whitmer said...

That'll teach her :-)

Melissa DeMoux said...

You show her Dad!! Maybe you could take the van to a chop shop and create some kind of combo van/truck. Might be exciting.