Friday, February 11, 2011

Does Anybody Listen?

The Utah Jazz have been going through some turmoil for the past few months.  At first it was the defection of some of their better players.  Then they found a couple of good guys who showed promise and hope for the rebuilding of the franchise.
After building a decent record in the first half of the season, something happened and they have now become a less than .500 club.

Then Jerry Sloan, their solid, reliable, "eternal" coach decided it was time to retire and stay off airplanes so much.  Immediately, there were rumors and suppositions as to the circumstances causing Sloan's departure (especially since things happened mid-season)
It really isn't all that surprising to me.  While I'm not as old as Jerry, I think I understand why coaching wasn't much fun.

People just don't want to listen anymore.
It doesn't matter if you are a coach, a doctor, a teacher or a parent, it is becoming harder and harder to find people who are willing to listen when you speak.

Here's Jerry Sloan, Hall of Fame Coach, working with a group of young basketball players, trying to share a few of the things he has learned over the years------------ and they don't want to hear it!!!

One of the comments I heard from the coach indicated that he knew what it took to be a successful player/team in the NBA but no one was interested in what he had to share.

Thankfully, I have discovered that there are some folks who really want to garner the experiences of those who have gone ahead in life.  Their hearts are open and their minds soak in the truths they receive while still looking for applications that are personal.  It is my pleasure to work with such people every day and watch as they grow and improve at a rate high above the rest of the world.

I love my job and the youth I am privileged to serve.
God Bless them for their goodness.

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