Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mormon’s for President

There was an interesting article in the Washington Post that examined the differences and similarities between Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman Jr.  I am not great political whiz but I try to follow the trends and keep my eyes open so I can make informed decisions.  It was interesting to see how people outside my own circle view these two “Mormons” and their political aspirations.  Being of the same persuasion—Mormon— my tendency is to look at each candidate through the filter of my religious beliefs.  Not saying this is particularly fair to the candidates but it is what I use to set a groundwork for the decision process.

My impression is that Mitt is a little more conservative and Jon has more progressive leanings.  Part of that is factored from personal experience as a citizen of the State of Utah and having Huntsman as governor for five and one-half years.  Some of the bills he proposed and passed were in opposition to my personal leanings so I was never enamored with his ‘reign.’  On the other hand, Mitt had such great success with the Winter Olympics and left our state in much better circumstances so there is the emotional connection derived from that source.  Still, am I really ready to vote for the man who created RomneyCare in the State of Massachusetts?

There is one thing that has made a huge difference in my thinking about these two very capable men: their own commitment to the religion they purport to follow.  Romney is well known as a faithful, involved Latter-day Saint who is not afraid to confess his religious preferences.  Huntsman, on the other hand, seems to be wiggling around, trying to avoid any formal attachment to the religion of his fathers.  Though his own father is very involved, Jon Jr. gives the impression that he can take or leave the Church.  (And where would he be if he hadn’t served a mission in China—No ambassador to China!!!).

Romney has been accused of flip-flop tactics but he has had the strength to uphold the principles of his own faith.  I’m not sure Huntsman will do the same in his efforts to hold office.  As things progress, I hope the truth unfolds more clearly.

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