Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Point of View

Just a quick post to offer another perspective on the BYU Honor Code enforcement.  If you don't know already, the BYU basketball team suspended one of their best players for an honor code violation.  This came just as the team had reached a #3 ranking and were being considered one of the possible favorites for the National Championship.  The infraction was of a nature that most other universities would not care one little bit but for BYU it is a major problem.  Since the decision to suspend the player the team has dropped to #10 and are considered a longshot for any major run in the tournament.

A writer for the Salt Lake Tribune has offered his perspective on the purpose of Universities, citing the Honor Code of BYU as a foundation.  It seems that most people are surprised that a school would be so 'dogmatic' in the application of an 'honor code' when it would cost the school huge amounts of money.  The message this fellow offers is refreshing and makes me proud of my school and their adherence to standards.

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