Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Someday there will be a brilliant young (or old) tech-type person who will come up with a better way to post on a blog than what we have today.  Most of the tools available for bloggers seem to be clunky and difficult in one way or another.

Smart boys aren't they?

For instance: why do blog editors not capitalize like a regular word processor?  It really can't be that hard to put a little app in there so the beginning of each sentence or the letter "I" all alone gets an automatic capital.

(amazing Gary Larson knows about Midvale, UT)

Maybe the right software just hasn't come by my desk.  Windows LiveWriter is alirght but not really intuitive when trying to do some functions like posting pictures.  This post is done with Scribefire (an add-on for Firefox) and has its own limitations (like it wants to revert back to default font every time I bold or center a line).

One my old HS buddies

There are probably lots of better applications for doing what needs to be done but they have not been discovered yet.  Short of changing to WordPress, there seems to be a need to suffer with some stubborn and un-user friendly methods of posting.


Never you mind!! It will all work out and there will be success in the future.  In the meantime, the search will go on for the perfect least in my view.


Any comments or guidance for solving these concerns would be appreciated.

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Melissa DeMoux said...

Well, since I just post mine here on blogger I have nothing to offer. I wasn't even savvy enough to know there were options. Oh well.