Friday, November 12, 2010

Good Dresser?

Thoughts from a bygone day.

“Men” under the age of 18 should never be required to fasten the top button on their shirts.  Inhumane treatment!!! 


Someone call the ACLU!!! or the ASPCA!!!!! How about PETA!!! After all, men are animals too.  They have ‘rights’.



Yesterday I made a pilgrimage to the suit store to replenish the supply of business outerwear.  The store was having a sale and it was too good to pass up.


What happened between 18 years of age and today?

Did maturity take over?  (not a chance)

Someone became a “clothes horse”? (unlikely)

It probably started during the missionary experience.  White shirts, ties, suits, all day, every day.  Habits are made after only 7 repetitions so what chance was there when 730 passed?


Just a pic I found…have no idea who they are.


Quality may be helping.  Shirts fit much better today so the collars don’t squeeze tight.  Waist bands have adjustable stretchy do-dads to help with comfort.  And ties don’t have the large, throttling knots of the 70’s allowing for regular breathing.


Whatever the reason, it is good to have nice clothes and nice to have good clothes.  Thanks, Teresa, for taking good care of my image.

Your Loving, and semi-well dressed husband. 

(0nly semi because of my lumpy shape).


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