Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Asked the kids at school if they knew what these four letters represent.  It’s one of my holdover thoughts from the old business days.  Easily applied to gospel principles so I decided to test it on the youth.

P =Potential

C = Compared

T = To

P = Performance

I’m sure this started out as some Phd. project and eventually morphed into a business training item.  But there is truth in using the idea.

The potential of each of God’s children is unlimited………….or not!!

Only our choices determine the limits to what we may achieve. 

A boy choosing to slough school and hang out with friends finds his performance in the job market limited by what he doesn’t know.  A girl choosing to work hard and take challenging classes is not surprised when scholarships and awards are abundant at graduation.

It all sounds so simple and basic but still we ignore the validity of the truth and try to do things our own way.  And the price is paid!!

What we choose to do today will determine what we get to be in the future.

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Melissa DeMoux said...

Good thoughts, Dad, and so needed today. So many people expect to do nothing and get everything which is sad, is just doesn't work that way.