Sunday, May 8, 2011

Family Rocks

Once a month we all get together for a “family party” to celebrate birthdays and such.  We also try to do one project at the home where we are meeting.  In the past we have painted, cut roses, erected swing-sets, hauled dirt from the ‘hole’, and other fun stuff.  Last month our party was at Brian and Paula’s new house and we tried to remove rocks from their yard so they could have a garden.

I have always heard the South Jordan soil is full of rocks but there have been many places that say that so I was a little skeptical.  After all, Josh lives in the same area and his garden produces pretty well. So we began the process and started raking the gravel (about 2” diameter for the most part) from the area they wanted as a garden.  The first layer of raking netted a pretty good sized pile of rock and I was certain this would be a great improvement on the situation.

Using our new tiller (shared by the whole family) we made a first run through the garden area.

And there were more rocks than when we started!!!!

Each pass brought forth even more of the little pests until we decided it was counter-productive to continue.

Sure hope the kids like bent carrots and potatoes with stones cause that’s all they are going to get.

I am also including a few photos of random experiences with the grandkids.  They are so much fun (especially when they aren’t cranky).

 Becca's Pretty Hair
 Little Emma
 Lot's of boys
 Uncle Brian's Backyard
 Ellie at the party
Logan... we don't know???

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