Monday, June 13, 2011

A+ On The Test!!


I mean, really, absolutely and wonderfully AMAZING!!

Who knew that earth life was such a marvelous experience?  We talk about the challenges and learning opportunities that God presents but it seems that we forget to appreciate just what we get as our lives progress.

Most of you know that Brian and Paula have been struggling with their little Becca for the past week.  Things are going better but there are still a lot of questions and no easy answers.  For instance, Brian opines about the future as he tries to develop a stronger foundation of faith. Personally, I have never doubted his faith but the circumstances of their family dynamics are something unique and require extended trust in our Savior and His Atonement.

Finally some peaceful sleep.

Many may not know that Melissa and Josh are also having their fair (or maybe unfair) share of tests.  Some of the particulars are found here.  It seems that just when life gets a little easier, the roof falls in and you have to fix both the roof and the floor.

Nobody eats like Logan.

And not to discriminate, the burdens of family life have also struck Kevin/Jenny and Josh/Heather and even Missionary Joel.  Everyone is growing and it is…. Well, you remember how this post started!!

Tanner isn't sure!?!?

Emma and Friend

Teresa and I are finding joy in the knowledge that our children have been prepared by God to surmount the challenges this life presents.  Their faith is unwavering and their ability to adapt is …………. Well, it’s just astounding.  Thanks be to God and His Son for the powerful, divine souls who have blessed our lives.  And may He keep each of them in the palm of His hand as they go forward in this most sacred of all tests.  We love you all and hope we don’t get in the way of your progression.

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