Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Deceit

Christmas is over and life is trending back to normal.  Here are a few thoughts and experiences that made this Christmas memorable.

On Christmas day we were able to talk to Joel again.  He is doing well and only has a few weeks left in his mission.  He’s trying to not get excited about coming home but these things are always hard.  We are anxious to have him back…….mostly.  Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be cheaper to let him continue for another couple of years.  But we are glad he is happy and teaching and serving faithfully.

Our family party was excellent, with great food, pleasant company and the roar of 13 little grandkids echoing off the walls of our “casa vieja.”  Who knew the power and joy these tiny (well, some aren”t really tiny anymore) souls can bring to our family.  Thanks to our kids for doing their part to perpetuate the family tree. J

I tried to be tricky this Christmas and it backfired on me. 
Teresa and I decided we would not get presents because we are going to Arizona for my parents 50th anniversary celebration.  Our present was the tickets and stuff for the trip.
Mom and Dad when they came to Utah earlier this year.

But I decided I would be sneaky and get her a little something – usually she is the one doing that but I was pretty sure she would play it straight.  So I got a few books and some clothes and little things and put them under the tree.  She was delighted and I felt great cause I had done what she has done so many years before.

The afternoon of Christmas we had all the kids over for dinner and to talk to Joel so it was a crazy time.  When things were done on the phone, the kids put a box in my lap and said it was a present for me.  I thought it was something from them and thought maybe they had gotten together to do something nice.

The box was wrapped in a whole roll of duct tape and they wanted me to take it off, piece by piece, but I decided to cut it with a knife.  When I opened the box I saw one of the pillows off my bed in the top of the box.  Very strange!! 

Underneath was an old briefcase that had seen better days.  I didn’t want to be rude so I tried to act excited and took it out to examine it.  Beneath it was a NEW pillow that I was glad to see, but the briefcase had me perplexed. 

(Why would my kids get me an old briefcase for a Christmas present?  I don’t even use a briefcase anymore.  This is really strange.)

Josh (or someone) said “Open it.” 

So I did and on top was a piece of purple poster board. 

When I pulled that off, this is what I saw.

All fives.

Now I was really perplexed.  What was this about?

One of the kids made a joke and said they had gotten the case from a drug dealer.  Maybe so!!

As I sat there, stunned into silence (yes, I had no idea what to say) I wondered why they would give me a briefcase full of money – they didn’t, it was from Teresa.

My first question was, “What is this for?”

As one, they said, “Look at the purple poster board you threw away.”

Taped to the top or board was a small little “Hot Wheels” truck (it didn’t look much like a truck ----------- Teresa said it was the only one they could find).
The Little Truck

Then I realized that my little sweetheart had beaten me again. 

Here, I thought I was going to win the “who cheated best on the Christmas gift” award!!!  Not this year (or probably any year in the coming century).

Thanks Teresa, for a wonderful surprise and for showing me I’m just not deceitful enough.

BTW, this is what that case full of money looks like now!!


Josh, Heather, and Matthew said...

I still think that is one sweet looking truck! Josh and I will take you up on a fishing trip come springtime so we can ride in your "not-a-not-a-truck".

Betsy Love said...

What a clever idea! I want to know if your wife has been saving for decades or what bank did she rob? Just curious. Also, I tried to email you but it bounced back. I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful review of my book this morning. What a delightful surprise when I opened my email and found that you had reviewed my book. Thank you! Thank you!
Betsy Love