Thursday, January 19, 2012

OOOOO, Politics

I have avoided this topic because it is so polarizing.  Sometimes it can even affect the way people treat one another.

With the primary elections going on in the Republican Party, it seems like a good time to come out of the weeds and offer a few observations.
(BTW, while I am more inclined toward the Republican’s message, I am not one who votes solely on party affiliation.)

My wife and I have watched a few of the debates on the different venues and have come to some conclusions concerning the candidates.

1.    Mitt Romney looks and acts the most presidential—he will probably receive our support in the coming election

2.  Rick Santorum seems to be a good man and wants to do the right thing – we would have no problem voting for him

3.  Ron Paul and his Libertarian ideas are not palatable to us – too crazy with all the war, drug, etc. ideas

4.    Rick Perry doesn't express himself very well – he seems to be a slightly slower and less committed Bush (and this morning he dropped out of the race)

5.  Newt Gingrich is a snake and cannot be trusted – his morals and deceit are too much to ignore

Many disagree, and that is the greatness of this country and the political process.  We are blessed to have a God given constitution that, while not perfect, is much better than anything else offered in the world (think of Egypt, Russia, Pakistan, Venezuela, Cuba, China, etc.).

Much of what happens here is “rough and tumble” politics but it NEVER degrades (or at least not yet) into violence that costs human lives.  I wish it were different but the way has evolved to this and unless we have people who choose another path, it is what will be done.

My respect for Mitt Romney has grown as he has attempted to make the discussion more about the difference between himself and Obama but even he has slipped as of late.  Unfortunately, if one candidate begins with the mudslinging, all feel they have to respond in kind. 

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just be shown the differences, in a quiet and considerate way, and be allowed to make a choice?  How refreshing it would be if most (there are some who really seem to want to help) candidates were interested in the welfare of the people instead of looking for ways to accumulate more power for themselves and their followers (or handlers as the case may be).

I am reminded of Alma the Younger as he served as the first Chief Judge for the Nephites (see Alma 4).  After only a few years, he recognized that the spiritual welfare of the people was much more important that the political challenges he faced.  His love for people and country caused him to resign his office in government and focus the rest of his life on the spiritual needs of those he served. 

Would that we had more people like that in our midst so that we might be protected and guided by love of man and not love of power.

Choosing wisely is often difficult but if we focus on the long term needs of our nation, I believe that we will make decisions that will benefit our children and grandchildren for centuries to come. 

Please be involved and please do not let the vocal minority destroy what the majority needs and wants.

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