Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Big 50

In December my parents celebrated their 50th anniversary.  Sure doesn’t seem that long to me but I guess since the calendar says it is so I will have to agree.

Better picture coming soon.  

Catherine at 22
As dutiful, loving children, we all decided it would be nice to get together and see if we could encourage them to extend their union for another fifty years.  Only seems reasonable that since it has been so productive for so long that it should continue on.

Rex at 27

Seriously, we wanted to have a party but with 9 living children and many, many grandkids, friends and celebrators, it was difficult to get things done before the year ended.  Last weekend (January 28-29) was the chosen date for the little soiree.  Some of those closer to home made the arrangements and we slackers who have moved from Arizona did our part by simply attending.  It was a great festival and I think Mom and Dad were pleased with all the things that happened.

Dec. 23, 1961
Same couple -- NOW

When the pictures of the event are available I will post them.  Until then, these will just have to do.  But aren’t they sweet!!!

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